Most people think of Massages as resembling the Spa photos shown above on this page, where Oils of various kinds are used to sooth and relax.

However BiP Massage is a unique Holistic & Remedial Massage Treatment, which can be just as effective in helping you to mend, relax, rejuvenate and feel good…without the need to undress! 

BiP treatments can be effective with or without using oils, with the client always being asked which ever is their preference.

For clothed treatments you can wear your usual Gym wear, or at least something suitably light, and workable. Oil massage can be done with towel coverage, using the towels you have at home.

Massage get togethers for two or more people, are the BiP Speciality. 

For more info about BiP Massage Party`s, click the link below…

BiP Massage Party`s