London Locations

BiP Massage is a Mobile Massage Service, covering the whole of Greater London Area…

The Body in Place HQ and Office, is Situated within Dollis Hill Therapy Rooms, 395 Chapter Road, Dollis Hill, London NW2 5NG.

For treatments, the location, is YOUR location…

Available  by Arrangement literally anywhere in the Greater London area, our speciality is “The Massage Party” where two or more friends can get together at a chosen abode and have Jay (BiP Therapist) come over and fix a  Shoulder, a Back or a Knee, or where ever else on the body is becoming a problem.  

You can get together, have a chat, some tea n` cakes and get that body sorted out at the same time!!!

Prices may vary a little, depending upon distance from the BiP HQ in North West London, but fair deals for two or more people at one session are always negotiable.

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Remedial, Holistic & Re-Alignment Prices